2018 Elbert County Fair Parade Marshall
Stan Craley

“Whistle while you work” is Stan Craley’s signature theme song. As an integral part of Elbert County’s maintenance staff, Stan whistles through his day, always happy, energetic and ready to help. This is due to his strong relationship with God. When asked by Fair Board Past President Ben Duke to be the 2017 Elbert County Fair Parade Marshall, Stan was so totally surprised that he thought that Ben was kidding. Ben says, “There is no one who captures the spirit of the Elbert County Fair quite like Stan. His ever-present smile and air of helpfulness is appreciated by all. He often sees a “problem” and addresses it before the rest of us are even aware the “problem” exists. When any of us need help or assistance, Stan is there with his good humor and a solution. Stan is, in so many ways, the Elbert County Fair. How lucky we are today and how lucky we have been for so many years!”

Stan was born in Washington, D.C., then moved to California. In 1993 he moved to Colorado and met his wife, Betsy. They moved to the east Parker area to the home place built by her grand-parents. Stan, married to Toni (deceased) has two daughters, Angel and Tanisha. Betsy has two sons, Jeremy and Joshua, and one daughter, Heather (deceased). Stan and Betsy are currently raising their son, Nate.

Stan joined the Elbert County staff in 2001. In speaking to Stan about his job description that focuses on maintaining the integrity of the county buildings and their functionality, he stated that his duties haven’t changed much over the years-but it’s the title that changes.

Stan experienced his first Elbert County Fair in 2001. It was quite an adventure for him but has been fun ever since. To this day he continues to enjoy his active roll in being involved in entire process of staging a county fair.

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When asked what he likes about our fair, he started with the 4-H kids: their hard work, their engagement with their projects along with the devotion to their animals. He is fascinated by the livestock shows. His enjoyment of the fair doesn’t stop with the kids, as he is a great fan of both the tractor and horse pulls. To no one’s surprise, he has a special attraction to the fiddle contest. Music is a big part of Stan’s life. He not only sings, but plays the keyboard and guitar.

What is his most stressful part of the fair? “Well,” he says. “It is the campgrounds. That area can have almost daily issues at a non-scheduled time.

Stan is thankful that our county has a fair for our youth to come together and be the culmination of their hard work. While attending our 2017 Elbert County Fair, be sure to watch for Stan as he whistles through his busy day.

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