To be in the Elbert County Fair Parade, fill out and submit the form below

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Deadline for Parade entries: Sunday, July 26, 2020



11:30 AM, August 2, 2020

1. General:
1. Six foot social distancing will be expected and encouraged from all float participants and spectators.
2. Masks are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all participants and spectators
3. Anyone not observing proper respect and social distancing may be asked to leave the parade.
4. The Parade Superintendent will be the final authority to settle all parade-related issues.

2. Entries:
1. No more than 10 people on a trailer/float.
2. No more than four people in a pick up bed or truck bed.
3. Driver and immediate family unit members only in the vehicle.
4. If walking, all participants will maintain a six foot distance in every direction from other participants and a 10 foot distance from spectators.
5. If the entry is mounted (horses), no more than two riders wide, six feet apart in all directions and 10 feet from spectators.
6. All parade participants are encouraged to wear masks unless not permitted due to the medical or health condition of participant.
7. Any participant who feels sick or who exhibits fever, cough, trouble breathing or loss of smell/taste MAY NOT PARTICIPATE AND SHOULD GO HOME.
8. No candy, literature or distribution of any kind to spectators will be allowed.
9. All entries will maintain a 50 foot distance from the entry in front of or behind at all times during the parade.
10. The parade route will be shorter than in previous years and will be strictly adhered to.
11. Check in will stage at the corner of south bound Arapahoe Street and west bound Cheyenne Street (behind the County Shop parking area.
12. Registration will be closed on July 26th—no exceptions! Registrations will only be accepted via A return email address will be required.
13. There will be no day-of-parade entries allowed.
14. We will email your parade entry number—you will be responsible for creating a placard (minimum size 12” x 12”) and attach it to the driver side front or side window for identification.
15. We will announce your group’s information based solely on what you provide in your application.
16. The parade team will help you line up when you arrive on Sunday, August 2nd, no later than 10:45 AM.

**Note: These guidelines are subject to change based on State or County Health Department Regulations in effect on August 2, 2020.

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If you are unable to use the online parade entry form, click the button below to download a PDF of the form to print, fill in, and mail.

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