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Saturday, July 25th - Sunday, August 2nd

Saturday, July 25th - OPENING DAY

Dog, Fashion Revue, General 4H Projects, Market Poultry Weigh-In
8-10AM General 4H Projects (drop off) at Ag Bldg (Saturday thru Monday)
8AM-4PM 4H Dog Show in Exhibit Hall (kenneling under Beef Barn)
*9AM 4H Fashion Revue - modeling only at Fellowship Hall*
2PM Open Class Kiddie Style Show - for ages 7 and under at Fellowship Hall
2PM 4H Market Poultry Weigh-in at Scale (no birds stay, see you Sunday)

Sunday, July 26th

Poultry & Horse Shows
8-10 AM General 4H Projects (drop off) at Ag Bldg (also available Monday)
*9AM 4H Poultry Show (basket show) under Horse Pavilion*
*8:30AM 4H Horse Performance and Ranch Shows in both arenas*

Monday, July 27th

General 4H Project Judging and Gymkhana
8-10 AM General 4H Projects at Ag Bldg (drop off) Last opportunity
9AM-4PM Gymkhana- Main Arena
11AM 4H General Project Judging (private-no interviews) in Ag Bldg
6PM-8PM Optional Sheep Tack check-in and pen set-up allowed

Tuesday, July 28th

Sheep Shows and Open Class Check-in and Breeding Swine
7AM-9AM Market Sheep Weigh-in (scale) and stall in barns
7-10AM Sheep stall check-in for Market and Breeding
8AM-Noon Open Class Check-in at Fellowship Hall (see website for check-in times based on
 first letter of your last name.) Also see website for entry information, fair book and notices.
Followed by judging at 2PM
10 AM All sheep including Breeding Sheep must be in place and stalled
*10 AM Small Fry Sheep Show at Open Pavilion, followed immediately by
4H Sheep Showmanship, 4H Market Sheep, 4H Breeding Sheep*
1PM-4PM General 4H Projects Pick-up (Tuesday thru Thursday)
6 PM 4H Breeding Swine Show at Open Pavilion (trailer show, no stalling)
6PM-8PM Optional Goat Tack check-in and pen set-up allowed

Wednesday, July 29th:

Goat Shows
7 AM-9 AM Market Goat Weigh-in (scale) and stall in barns
7-10 AM Goat stall check-in for Breeding, Utility and Dairy in barns
10 AM All Goats including Dairy, Breeding and Utility must be in place and stalled
9-11 AM Open Class Check-out in Fellowship Hall *
10 AM Small Fry Goat Show at Open Pavilion, followed immediately by 4H Goat
Showmanship, Market, Breeding, Utility & Dairy Goat Shows*
1 PM-8 PM Optional Beef Tack check-in and stall set-up allowed

Thursday, July 30th:

Beef and Dairy Shows
7-9AM Beef Check-in at Beef Barn (Barn stalling is mandatory)
7-9AM Dairy Check-in at Dairy Barn (Barn stalling is mandatory)
*10AM Small Fry Bucket Calves in Horse Pavilion*
10AM-noon Senior and Veterans Drive-by Brunch. At the Kiowa Community Creek Church.
Just stop by and a box of goodies will be placed in your trunk
*10:30AM 4H Breeding Beef Show in Main Arena*
*11:30AM 4H Dairy in Main Arena*
1PM-2PM Market Beef Weigh-In at scale
*3PM Beef Showmanship Followed by 4H Market Beef Show in Main Arena*
4PM-8PM Optional Market Swine Tack check-in and pen set-up)

Friday, July 31st:

Market Swine Show
7AM-9AM Market Swine Weigh-In (scale) and stall in barns
*10AM 4H Market Swine Show followed by Final heats of 4H Swine Showmanship
Open Pavilion*
Any market hog that will be sold in the Junior Market Sale will stay on grounds through Sunday. All market hog exhibitors are REQUIRED and are RESPONSIBLE for caring for those hogs until Sunday when they are loaded out. Your "buddy" pig that isn't being sold through the Junior Market Sale may be checked out and removed from grounds on Friday after the show OR you may check that second pig out on Sunday after the market sale animals have left the grounds. All stalls to be cleaned and a clean stall sheet signed by your barn superintendent prior to you leaving the grounds on Sunday will be required.
6:00 PM Open Bull Riding (Tuff Enuf Rodeo Company, Superintendents)
*This event has limited spectators; we ask contestants and their families only attend*

Saturday, August 1st

7AM 4H Rocket Fly Day in Ag Field
1 PM Ranch Rodeo in Main Arena-not open to the public
*1 PM- 3 PM Junior MARKET SALE (this will be an on-line format with call in bidding
accepted as well as live assistance on the fairgrounds if needed in the Exhibit Building)*
4 PM Horse Pull
6 PM Horse Shoe Tournament in Main and Warm Up Arenas

Sunday, August 2nd

8AM Cowboy Church in Horse Pavilion
9 AM-11 AM High Plains Fiddlin’ and Pickin’ Fest in Open Pavilion
11:30 AM Parade
Noon- Queens Barrel Race, Main Arena “followed by invitation only Royalty Luncheon”

* designates events that will be live-streamed to encourage reduced attendance.
• No vendor fair this year; food service will be limited.
• Highly attended spectator events have been postponed until 2021
• For questions about 4H events, please contact CSU Extension Office at 303-621-3162.
• Check the fair website at for updates, health policies, etc.

The following will be posted in multiple locations on grounds:
By attending the Elbert County Fair and entering these grounds, you and any guests with you, voluntarily assume all risks, accept liability and agree to hold harmless the Elbert County Fair Board, Elbert County Government, the Elbert County Health Department and CSU Extension related to exposure to COVID-19 and any other communicable illnesses. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining appropriate social distancing, washing your hands, and are encouraged to use face coverings to reduce exposure to COVID 19 and other communicable illnesses.”

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