Elbert County Fair


By entering the Elbert County Fair Grounds, or by attending any event at the Elbert County Fair by registering for or participating in event activities/shows/competitions and/or entering the premises, attendees agree to all regulations, restrictions and guidelines as set forth below and/ regulations as set forth by the Elbert County Facilities, Elbert County Health Department and Elbert County Government.

*All persons enter at their own risk and participate at their own risk.

*No soliciting, polling, campaigning. (Exception to this is at paid vendor booth spaces during the vendor trade show only and only within the boundaries of the rented booth space. Also, the fair parade does allow for campaigning and soliciting provided it is part of a parade entry (either via clothing, float design, handouts or giveaways, pamphlets, or banners.) The fair board reserves the exclusive right to hang a solicitation, campaign or other type of banner if the person(s) represented has paid for such right at the Fair Grounds during the pendency of the County Fair.

*Protestors/picketing is designated to the overflow parking area at the North end of the Elbert County Fair Grounds so long as the demonstration does not threaten health, safety, or welfare of fair attendees or livestock, and ingress/egress is not impeded.

*Smoking is prohibited in all fairground buildings including open air pavilions and barns. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes. *Bringing alcohol into the fairgrounds is strictly prohibited. Due to liquor licensing law all liquor/alcohol consumed at the Elbert County Fair must be purchased on grounds from designated vendor, and all purchases and consumers of alcohol must be 21 or older. (Attendees who are residents of the campground must adhere to this when in general area of the fairgrounds, this does not apply to the campground area itself when alcohol is consumed exclusively in private campers or trailers.)

*Parents/Guardians and/or a designated adult are responsible for the supervision of all minors at all times. Minors should not be on grounds without proper supervision, the fair is not a place to drop your minor off for the day or night.

*Parking in a designated handicapped spot without a handicapped tag or license plate will be subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense. Parking in a no parking area or zone is subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.

*Pets are not allowed on the fairgrounds. The only dogs allowed are certified service dogs, service dogs in training and those participating in the 4-H Dog Show, 4-H Round Robin, Parade on the final Sunday or fair and the Pet Animal Contest.

*No posting of printed materials/flyers/advertisements on County property of the Elbert County Fair Grounds is permitted except as specifically approved by the Elbert County Fair Board at designated booths or tables. At no time may distribution or solicitation disturb the peace nor pose a risk to health, safety, or welfare of attendees or animals of the Fair.

*Any physical abuse or actions that endanger animal health, safety, or welfare is strictly prohibited; to include forced feeding, forced hydration, and other similar acts. Barn rules are posted and must be followed by the public as well as entered exhibitors. Exhibitors have additional rules that must be adhered to - (see Livestock Exhibitor Rules.)

*No unauthorized bikes, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, golf carts or motorized vehicles are allowed on the fairgrounds except in the designated area for bikes in the campground. The Elbert County Fair Board reserves the right to authorize use of such vehicles only for facilities workers, fair board members, extension staff and representatives of these entities. Exception is to handicapped scooters, electric wheelchairs, and other accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

*Neither the Elbert County Fair Board, CSU Extension Office or Elbert County Government are responsible for lost articles or damage to property.

*No drones shall be used or permitted on or above the Elbert County Fairgrounds, except by express permission of the Fair Board. Only properly permitted, licensed, and insured drones and operators may be granted permission to operate a drone by the fair board.

*The sale or distribution of food, beverage items of any kind, and/or other items is strictly prohibited except by authorized vendors that have an existing vendor agreement with Elbert County Fair.

*No persons are allowed on the fairgrounds overnight unless they possess a camping permit in the designated campground area. Contact Elbert County Fair facilities office for permits and camping information. Overnight camping without a permit or outside of the campground area will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

*The Elbert County Fair Board and representatives of the board reserve the right to exclude access to livestock areas and/or from the Elbert County Fair activities, to any person whose behavior (to include violations of fair ground rules, public cursing, abusive or belligerent language, or any language/actions that be construed as threatening, or behavior which causes interruption of shows, events, transactions, classes or any activity associated with the fair). Guests are expected to behave respectfully and in accordance with fair rules, state and local laws. Any attendee acting in a manner that fair officials deem unsafe or threatening may be asked to leave or be trespassed from the Fairgrounds by law enforcement.

*The Elbert County Fair and the Elbert County Extension Cooperative reserve the right to publish and copyright images associated with the Elbert County Fair (including audio, moving image or photography) for educational programs, websites, social media and promotion of the event.

*If a guest violates a state or local law, they will be subject to any tickets or punishment deemed necessary by local law enforcement. The fair board may delegate authority to enforce Elbert County Fair rules to designated security officers or other authorized parties.

Violators to the Spectator Polices/Rules for Attendees of the Elbert County Fair may be served with verbal or written notice from a fair official to immediately cease activity/correct situation.

*In the case of a violation of law or where safety is of concern, the issue will be dealt with local law enforcement.

*The Elbert County Fair Board members and representatives, or chairperson(s) and/or superintendent(s) of the Fair Board shall have decision making authority for any fair related event or activity, and decisions related to maintaining health, safety, or welfare of fair attendees, participants, volunteers and livestock.

If a violator refuses to correct issue(s), or violates Fair Ground rules, and Elbert County Fair policies, the offender may be asked to leave the fairgrounds immediately or may be trespassed from the fairgrounds.

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